Bigger Bite Weekend – 2 Day

Everything you will learn:

  • How to get the Best out of this Weekend
  • The Cycles of Life
  • Values in All 6 Major Areas of Life
  • Your World…Your Comfort Zone
  • 1st Step: Improve your worth in the Market-Place
  • 2nd Step: Develop Mature Judgement
  • 7 Principles for Success
  • 3rd Step: Put Purpose into Your Life
  • Beliefs & Values / How do you find them:
  • 4th Step: Have the Right Attitude
  • Presuppositions of Prosperity
  • Aphorisms & Affirmations for Prosperity
  • The Making of a Prosperous Individual
  • 5th Step: Build Courage to face our Complex Society
  • 6th Step: Develop the Human Touch
  • 7th Step: Take Action
  • 7 Steps for Installing Memories into Your Future
  • Quantum Change Prosperity Concepts
  • Quantum Change Laws of Mind & Thought for Prosperity Consciousness
  • Good Vibrations / State Control
  • The Emotional Vibration Line
  • 5 Ways to Achieve/Gain Completion
  • Your Personal Goals to be inserted in Future 50 50 Easy Suggestions to: Get a Bigger Bite out of Life
  • 7 Steps to Mental Prosperity Fitness
  • Action Commitment

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